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FACIAL CLAY MASKS - Feeling like a kid again painting my face up in various facial clay masks colors! Bringing out my creative side again.  We're offering these products in ego friendly packaging of a 4oz paper jar. In *Sea, *Coral, *Turmeric and *Bentonite. Simple to use just mix 1 tbsp in with water or hydrosol or honey or coconut milk or plain yogurt and wine. To form a smooth paste.

Then take a make-up brush or clean fingers to smooth all over your clean face. Avoid your eyes! Leave on face for at least 10-20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. Always use a toner and moisturizer. Remember all ingredients are natural or organic and fair trade sometimes. 

No preservatives nor parabens! Have FUN!

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cultural influencesThe Bonda people are a tribal people who currently live in the hills of Odisha’s Malkangiri district in India. There are two different Bonda tribes: the Upper Bondas with a population of 6,700 who are the most isolated from mainstream Indian society, and the Lower Bonda with a population of 17,000. Upper Bondas have almost no connection to the outside world. Dambaru Sisha took the oath of office to become the first MLA to the Bonda tribe, to which he traces his ancestry. Sisha attempts to protect the traditions and culture of the people while providing them with educational opportunities. Only 6% of Bondas are literate. The life expectancy of the tribe is so low they are nearly extinct...
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Born a creative person who loves culture and travel. That lived in NYC to see the world! infusionofSTYLES (TM) is about infusing natural ingredients indigenous to paradise found around the globe - Africa, India, Asia and South America. The natural resources of the land make up the very essence of her people. Happy travels...but if you can't go there yourself. Then let infusionofSTYLES take you through the process of exploring luxurious products like: bath salts, oils, scrub, and air fresher’s, etc. In using all of your senses to take you far away from it all...come away with infusionofSTYLES today or tonight!

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