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infusionofSTYLES™ is based upon the women of these cultures: the Ndebele of South Africa who are known for their elaborate bead work and the strong geometric designs they paint on the walls of their houses. The Bonda from Odisha, India (formally called the Orissa) are characterized by the wearing of the thick silver neck bands. The Kayan Lahwi/Padaung of Thailand are well known for wearing neck rings, brass coils that are laced around the neck, appearing to lenghten it. The Massai/Samburu of Kenya and it's exquisitely hand-crafted beaded jewelry. They are some how connected together via the neck rings. Our motto is "I'm treating myself,
the abstraction of life to something culturally stylist."™ The graphic designer in me takes on many styles. Also using famous quotes to express my artistic expressions.
baldbohemians™ is based upon being a beautiful bald headed woman these days.
myintrovertedself™ is based upon being an introverted person like myself. It's just me!
??????™ Being born in one place but came into being in another place.


We primarily used Print-on-Demand (POD) shops in the the USA and outside the country. For we hold no inventory. We do not accept returns or exchanges. So do check the size charts carefully. Coupons will be available. For we celebrate the abstraction of life thru abstract art in clothing.

For more information about anything do contact us.
art is streetwear for today!™
All product images were photograph by infusionofstyles™. Hat by Hats By Bunn,
Fula Gold Earrings from Africa Imports. Portrait photo by Steven Easley.
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