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Welcome to infusionofSTYLES Spa Products. Which infuses the love of travel, natural ingredients from around the world. We want to educate customers on healthy beauty tips upon using natural ingredients that will heal, sooths, exfoliate, and cleanse the customers skin, that will show a youthful appearance.
​infusionofSTYLES is based upon the women of these cultures: the Ndebele of South Africa who are known for their elaborate bead work and the strong geometric designs they paint on the walls of their houses. The Bonda from Odisha, India (formally called the Orissa) are characterized by the wearing of the thick silver neck bands. The Kayan Lahwi/Padaung of Thailand are well known for wearing neck rings, brass coils that are laced around the neck, appearing to lenghten it. The Massai/Samburu of Kenya and it's exquisitely hand-crafted beaded jewelry. They are some how connected together via the neck rings. 
infusionofSTYLES is a small batch manufacturer and distributor. Who tries not to add any extra additive ingredients to it's products. Just basically plain, natural, raw and freshly made. Mixing in organic, fair trade, plant based scents and ingredients when we can. We also tend not to use the same scents as everyone else and tend to be more unisexual with some spice. Mixing essential oils with fragrances that contain no DEP. NO Perservatives, Paraben, Sulfate, and Mineral/Food Grade Oils are used in these products! All products are good for six months unless noted. See label for instruction on how to properly store and use the products.
The website has a more detail list of the ingredients used in each product. For more information about anything do contact us.
Indulge your senses tonight!(TM)
All product images were photograph by infusionofstyles and the design of its packaging.