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September 23, 2016














Photo courtesy of The Decorista


INFUSIONOFSTYLES has home sprays for usage in a room within your lovely home, the linens on the bed, and even your car.  Smell the tropical/exotic scents everywhere.


It doesn't matter what your income is, type of career you have , your age, current relationship status, you can absolutely design the life of your dreams. Everything you think you want in life is only because you actually want the happiness and joy you will feel when you get it. The key to creating a life that you love is creating experiences that will bring you happiness. Happiness attracts more happiness and leads to an abundant life so in order to design your dream life and attract everything you want, you have to implement habits and rituals that will bring you to a state of bliss. That way you can be one of those people who is . . .choosing happiness. The perfect place to start creating your happiness is right in your very own home. Here are 11 ways you can i...

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infusionofstyles cultural influences

April 23, 2016

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