November 14, 2016

1. It's very simple!


2. Just put on your favorite music.

3. Get your groove on and just DANCE!


Yeah, infusionofstyles is a bit of a Zumba person!

September 12, 2016

Because I can! Not everyone wants to travel aboard or to this country, at the time you want to go. So just go solo. I have travel solo pretty much ALL my adult life while living in NYC. I went to Italy twice, Paris, France on New Years Eve, Germany to visit my Sister and her family during Christmas, Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Columbia, Aruba, Singapore and Bali, Indonesia. But, I will not tell you my secret vacation spot! It's a bit of everything I truly adore in life.


Pretty much on target! Libras love to be surrounded by art and culture (and you don't mind a bit of pampering either). Find a high-end hotel with a great spa in a city like Vienna that is full of theaters, museums, and opportunities to indulge in rich food.




August 27, 2016

infusionofstyles loves jewelry and why not buy from wonderful, creative artisan shops in Africa, India and beyond. That allow the local women to make a living for themselves and their families like: BeadWORKSKenyaSidai Designs, Sseko Designs, Shop SokoGlobal Girlfriends, Freeset Global, Worldfinds, Enkiito Maasai Jewelry, Zambia Gold and Kantha Collection. The beauty is in the details.

Photo's courtesy of sidaldesigns, shopsoko and beadworkskenya.





























August 24, 2016

While living in NYC I pretty much shopped in SOHO, GREENWICH VILLAGE, LOWER EAST SIDE before it became MALL USA. Because at that time you had unique designers in fashion, industrial = shoes, handbags, home designs, etc. Making a mark in the design world at that time.


I LOVE SHOES and these especially by  Brother Vellies 

So one of a kind design shoes!  So check out this wonderful shoe company and the company's philosophy.  Current location in NYC is 4 Fulton St. South Street Seaport Area.

All photo's courtesy of

NEXT SHOE STORY: infusionofstyles chase a shoe down!

August 9, 2016

infusionofstyles explored this health benefit last summer by creating the Miyamoto Gelato Body Scrub which infused the health benefits of Green Tea Butter and Matcha Tea with Fair Trade Rice for exfoliation 

(YES, I said Rice and not sugar/salt!) together for a wonder healthy body scrub.

The story behind the naming of this product is because of Miss Japan 2015 was biracial

in being African-America and Japanese!


Well what's good for the outside is also great for the inside and here are some sweet desserts to try.


You have definitely heard of matcha powder by now, and if you're a bit confused about how to use the energizing Japanese powder in your health routine other than in tea, here are five recipes that show you how! If you need more convincing, just know that matcha powder has been used for ages in Japan, has a very high level of antioxidants, is a major metabolism booster, and is said to boost concentration and energy levels!


Matcha Colada

Not only am I sharing another...

July 15, 2016

I also like Flash TattoosPhoto courtesy of


Hey, every wanted to tryout a tattoo. But didn't want to go thru the pain of getting one. Then check these temporary watercolor tattoo's

Photos courtesy of Siideways















infusionofstyles does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

June 30, 2016


Well not exactly, but the very best ice cream is of course made by hand the old fashion way that my grandmother, mother an aunts use to make. Always vanilla, strawberry and peppermint. Yes, I grew up on Graeter's, and Aglamesis. But Jeni's out of Columbus, Ohio. In which my nephew introduce me to Jeni's is kinda of a "different" take on ice cream. Now, I'm not totally abandoning the others ice cream brands. I just like Jeni's take on some favorites like BRAMBLEBERRY CRISP which reminds me of any Blackberry Crisp Pie's with Ice Cream on top. ALL mixed together in a pint of deliciousness and the NDALI ESTATE VANILLA BEAN below with Fair Trade Vanilla Beans from Uganda. The NDALI ESTATE reminds me of plain old vanilla ice cream. Krogers NOW sells Jeni's YEAH!, and Whole Foods or just drive to Columbus and taste it yourself. It's worth the drive! Another Columbus delightful dessert is Sugardaddy's Brownies! Can't get enough of them.

 Photos courtesy of jenis.c...

June 3, 2016

Photo's courtesy of


Now, I did go to this one and just in time because a hurricane came thru Belize. Nothing really happen to the resort that time. Whew and glad of it. Well, what really made me go to a jungle spa was that a co-worker had mention that she just came back from a spa vacation. She went to spafinder to find her a spa. So, I just started searching and came across this one. It was in Belize, in the jungle and exotic PERFECT! "The experience of mysticism sets in as you discover the wonders of Mother Nature’s rainforest from the neo-primitive spa. The surrounding jungle at this resort creates an elegant, yet contemporary, artistic atmosphere. "                

                                                        - maruba-spa 

Another reason to visit this spa. Now back t...

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April 23, 2016

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