September 25, 2017

This is an update to a blog published on June 20 2016 called "Ori = Mind, Body and Soul"

Laolu Senbanjo’s artwork in Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” visual album has conjured up a storm that’s been rumbling across popular media since the album dropped Saturday evening on HBO. Vogue called him their “new Instagram obsession,” and ABC News held a special interview with the Brooklyn-based artist.

In a conversation with OkayAfrica, Senbanjo said he was invited by the pop star’s management to decorate her dancers with his signature designs for “Sorry,” a song off of the new album. “It was crazy because I couldn’t say no,” he said. “If Queen B wants you ... It was so unreal. I just left everything I was doing.”

Senbanjo cites his Nigerian roots as a major source of his visual inspiration, though formally, his visual references share affinities with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. He writes on his website: “All of my work is heavily influenced by my Yoruba heritage and often...

Ya, know how I love to travel the world. Well here's some more unique hotel lounging you might what to seek out outside the block!

Acre Baja

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Taking farm-to-fork hotels a step further, Mexico’s Acre is going farm to fork to… frond. Having already transformed 25 acres of farmland into an open-air restaurant and cocktail bar experimenting with local Baja ingredients and forgotten Mexican spirits, from winter 2017 Acre will be encouraging guests to look up from their plates (and those #tileaddict-worthy floors) to 12 new treehouses nestled in its palm forest. (That’s if you can make it up the stairs following the obligatory tequila shots and Baja fish tacos….)

Papaya Playa Project

Tulum, Mexico

Originally a Design Hotels pop-up and now a permanent fixture on the Tulum coast, this 85-cabaña hotel is (quite literally) branching out with a new treehouse hideaway in the Mexican jungle. Constructed according to traditional Mayan techniques and modern eco-design, the hou...

June 5, 2017

Photo courtesy of Laduma from Maxhosa by Laduma 

SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS IDEAL African Designs comes to Swedish Designs!

IKEA, the Swedish powerhouse for modern, affordable furniture and home accessories, will launch their first Africa Collection in 2019.  To bring this collection to life, IKEA is partnering with 12 top designers from the African continent. Among them creative brands that I love like Selly Raby Kane, Sindiso Khumalo and Maxhosa by Laduma.

IKEA’s Africa Collection will launch in 2019

How did it happen? IKEA’s Head of Design met with the founder of Design Indaba – an online publication focusing on “African design, creativity and innovation” that holds a creative festival and a conference once a year – and received a list of names from Design Indaba’s network. He met up with the designers and now they are working on several pieces for the 2019 launch.

African creativity remains a pool of inspiration for big Western brands

How do I feel about it? On one si...

Photo: Courtesy of Uniqlo 

Want to be a little different then wear MoMA's famous artistic art work!

The concept of “wearable art” is now a reality in a new collaborative collection between Uniqlo and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), called Super Geometric. The collection spotlights the 20th century’s great masters of abstract and minimalist art: Sol LeWitt, François Morellet, Gertrud “Gego” Goldschmidt, and Max Bill.

The collection reinterprets their work into (literal) wearable forms of art through playful and vibrant colored graphic tees, rompers, jumpsuits, scarves, hats, and tote bags that take after the artists’ work.

Highlights include the Sol LeWitt-inspired graphic T-shirts that exhibit his famed wall drawings, and Francois Morellet’s geometric artwork transformed into covetable baseball caps and scarves.

How did the Super Geometric collection begin? Yahoo Style spoke to Justin Kerr, Uniqlo’s director of brand partnerships, to learn more.

“We are constantly lookin...

March 27, 2017

So, if you're in NYC! Go and see their shop instead of Macys, Bloomingdale's, etc. After seven years, the sisters behind the NY-based label continue to thrive.

Photo courtesy of Racked

After just a few minutes of talking with Darlene and Lizzy Okpo — co-founders of the New York-based womenswear line William Okpo — it becomes abundantly clear that failure isn’t, and has never been, an option. That’s why seven years after starting their label, the sisters are still turning out fresh ideas that feel prescient and thriving creatively in an industry that’s not known to be friendly to upstarts — nor overtly welcoming to women of color.

Founded in 2010 when Darlene and Lizzy were just 23 and 19 years old, respectively, the brand takes its name from the girls’ father, William Okpo, who immigrated from Nigeria to New York in 1976. The sisters embraced his strong, unwavering work ethic and unique style — ideas that ultimately inspired them to launch a label despite limited resources, limited e...

Photo courtesy of

The Pacific Island of Papua New Guinea is on infusionofstyles bucket list to explore other than Fiji.

We as African people did travel a long distanced from our native continent.

Photo courtesy of

Way out there in the Pacific Ocean, in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea, there is an island called Kitava. It is one of the four main Trobriand Islands, an archipelago with a total population of 12,000 indigenous inhabitants. Rich with culture, surrounded on all sides by clear blue water and lush rainforest, Kitava is as stunning as it is remote. But it's got more to offer than good views.

As Byrdie reports, Kitava is also home to a people whose diet and nutritional habits remain engineered for well-being, untouched by Western influence. A lifetime of not knowing the sweet, sweet sensation of the salt from a potato chip hitting the roof of your mouth has done more than just spare Kitavans from chronic ailments like dia...

September 19, 2016

Photo courtesy of Amila Tennakoon/Ayurveda in Sri Lanka


Ayurveda is a system of preventative medicine and wellness that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago — and is winning over countless health and beauty enthusiasts who are only beginning to discover its incredible benefits. Whereas Western medicine focuses on pharmaceuticals and treating a health problem that has already reared its ugly head, ayurveda encourages the prevention of illness and a steady, attainable state of well-being using food and herbal remedies as medicine. Will I ever get to India to experience this, well maybe we will start locally


If this all sounds complicated, I assure you it's so beautifully simplistic you'll wonder why you haven't been following an ayurveda diet plan all along.


As a newbie researching the topic, one name continuously popped up on my radar: Dr. Pratima Raichur, a chemist, botanist and ayurveda physician who is also a skin care legend in New York and an inspiration to so many practit...

The San are an indigenous people who live in Southern African Nations. DNA  says they're an direct descendants of the first Homo Sapiens, have been in the region for 20,000 years.

Photo courtesy of CNN 


infusionofstyles was introduced to these people, Fair Trade principal's via one of my best friend's Cecilia and Peter her husband. Who went to Botswana and stared some Safari trips and Fair Trade Craft businesses with the women of this sacred land. For more information and travel Botswana contact them. It's very bad the one of the oldest cultures in the world is dying out. If they lasted for 20,000 years + and what does that say about us in today's chemical enhance world? Do we have a shorter life, uhmm?


Caught between modernity and 20,000 years as hunter-gatherers, the San people sit at a crossroads.

How a diamond rush led to an ancient, underwater secret


An indigenous people in Southern Africa, they are our oldest human ancestors, DNA testing proving the San are direct descendants...

September 1, 2016

Photo courtesy of Forbes 



YES! It's about time! Please support this doll! I saw this article a year ago or something like that. So It's finally coming to america no pun intended.


“Empowering the African girl child” is the motto of Queens of Africa; a Nigerian brand of dolls founded by Taofick Okoya in 2007. The doll range depicts various African ethnicities, as well as a variety of African hairstyles (customers may opt for dolls rocking an afro, or alternatively one with braids or braid extensions). Okoya’s mission is to spread a message which enforces young black girls their self-esteem, allowing them from an early age to have role models they can relate to. This summer, Okoya and his posse of dolls will travel across several cities in the United States, to meet and greet American clients, while further expanding the Queens of Africa footprint.


‘I got into the doll business by chance. At that time my daughter was young, and I realized she was going through an identity crisis,’ Taofic...

June 20, 2016

 Photo courtesy of ayashantiphotography and


The Sacred Art of the Ori is a Yoruba Ritual performed by artist Laolu wear he literally interprets your soul and destiny by drawing it on you.


“The Sacred Art of the Ori is a Spiritually Intimate Experience. It’s Cathartic for both me and my Muse. We Connect Our Minds, Bodies, and Souls on Higher Level. I paint their Spirit and Soul from that Connection. It Breathes Life into Us Both. ”
                                                                                                                                             — Laolu

Simply beautiful and divine!


UPDATE: Now Va...

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