June 30, 2016


Well not exactly, but the very best ice cream is of course made by hand the old fashion way that my grandmother, mother an aunts use to make. Always vanilla, strawberry and peppermint. Yes, I grew up on Graeter's, and Aglamesis. But Jeni's out of Columbus, Ohio. In which my nephew introduce me to Jeni's is kinda of a "different" take on ice cream. Now, I'm not totally abandoning the others ice cream brands. I just like Jeni's take on some favorites like BRAMBLEBERRY CRISP which reminds me of any Blackberry Crisp Pie's with Ice Cream on top. ALL mixed together in a pint of deliciousness and the NDALI ESTATE VANILLA BEAN below with Fair Trade Vanilla Beans from Uganda. The NDALI ESTATE reminds me of plain old vanilla ice cream. Krogers NOW sells Jeni's YEAH!, and Whole Foods or just drive to Columbus and taste it yourself. It's worth the drive! Another Columbus delightful dessert is Sugardaddy's Brownies! Can't get enough of them.

 Photos courtesy of jenis.c...

June 28, 2016

All photo's courtesy of halfbakedharvest 


YES! This recipe starts the Strawberry recipe week. Combining a doughnut that is grilled with a strawberry shortcake recipe! Wow, the BEST Strawberry Shortcake I have every had outside of Mom's is at The Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the river now the BEST Tiramisu was at Le Streghe in Soho, NYC! Another divine recipe is coming from my nephew it was HEAVENLY!


Ingredients for the Shortcake recipe


6 cups fresh strawberries, hulled + halved


2-4 tablespoons granulated sugar (depending on your sweetness preference)


zest of 1 lemon


1 teaspoon vanilla


8 glazed doughnuts (see my homemade brioche doughnuts below)


Whipped Ricotta Cream


4 ounces cream cheese


16 ounce whole milk ricotta cheese


1 cup heavy whipping cream


1 teaspoon vanilla



In a bowl, combine the strawberries, sugar, lemon zest and vanilla, tossing well to combine. Let the berries sit at room temperature for at least 20-30 minutes until the berries have rel...

June 25, 2016


Oh, the old tired feet need some help these days.

Well try some vinger!


One splendid way to keep your feet soft and supple, and from various skin conditions is giving them a vinegar soak. This article talks about the benefits of soaking feet in vinegar. Yes, infusionofstyles did try the "regular care recipe" out and it worked!

Had a long day at work? How about keeping your feet soaked in warm water while you relax? A mixture of warm water and vinegar is the best one for relaxing your tired feet. Moreover, this method is known to cure various feet problems. Here are a few foot soak recipes you may try.

Vinegar Soak Recipe for Regular Care
Mix 1 cup white vinegar and 2 gallons warm water together and a few drops of essential oil. Soak your feet for 45 minutes in this mixture. Now use a pumice stone to remove the skin from heels and callused areas of your feet. Take a soft brush and rub your upper foot area and toes. Doing this once or twice a week, followed by application of a moisturiz...

June 23, 2016

 Photo courtesy of bhg.com


Yeah, yeah, I saw this in the magazine sitting in the Doctor's office and had to take a photo of it to save. So Artistic

and a different take on creating soda floats. 


Strawberry Lime Float(s)


Kosher salt


2 scoops lime sherbet


1/2 cup strawberry, or any other flavor of soda, chilled! (green apple, raspberry, etc.)



Dip the rim of a 12- to 14-ounce glass in water, then in salt to coat. Place sherbet in the glass and add soda.


NOTE: To get more defined layers, place sherbet in prepared glasses. Cover and freeze for up to 24 hours. Add soda just before serving.


A video is here of creating these soda floats.


June 22, 2016

Photo courtesy of loliware


What a great ideal edible drinking cups that holds around 5 oz of your favorite liquid and comes as a set of 4. Imagine a disposable cup that you can actually eat instead of throwing away. LOLIWARE is the disposable cup that leaves nothing behind.


LOLIWARE is a revolutionary new drinking and eating experience. The first and only edible disposable cup, it is 100% all natural, non-GMO, gelatin-free, gluten-free, plastic-free, BPA-free, non-toxic, and FDA approved.


Currently, our LOLIWARE collection is available in Yuzu Citrus, Tart Cherry, Matcha Green Tea, Vanilla Bean, and an unflavored “natural clear,” to complement drinks and desserts.


LOLIWARE is made from seaweed, organic sweeteners and flavors and colors derived from fruits and vegetables. The single-use cups are designed to serve room temperature, chilled, or frozen drinks and desserts.


Considered the ‘Cup of the Future,’ these premium disposable cups are the first product in what will be an expanded li...

June 21, 2016

Photo's courtesy of Minimalist Baker 


Easy, 4-ingredient Piña Colada Popsicles with creamy coconut and rum-soaked pineapple! Tastes just like a piña colada, perfectly sweet, and ideal for summer!


Recipe type: Dessert

Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten Free

Serves: 8-10




  • 1 cup (165 g) chopped fresh pineapple (make sure it’s ripe!)

  • 1 1/2 Tbsp (22.5 ml) white rum (I love Malibu, which is vegan and gluten free)


  • 1 14-ounce (414 ml) can coconut cream (or sub full fat coconut milk)

  • 3 Tbsp (37 g) organic cane sugar (or sub maple syrup or agave nectar)

  • 1 cup (165 g) rum-soaked pineapple (see above)


  1. Add pineapple to a small mixing bowl and top with white rum. Toss to coat and let set for 5-10 minutes, stirring frequently to infuse the flavor.

  2. In the meantime, combine coconut cream and sweetener of choice in a blender and blend on high for 1 minute to fully incorporate. Then slightly drain excess rum (in my opinion, you should totally...

June 20, 2016

 Photo courtesy of ayashantiphotography and www.laolu.nyc


The Sacred Art of the Ori is a Yoruba Ritual performed by artist Laolu wear he literally interprets your soul and destiny by drawing it on you.


“The Sacred Art of the Ori is a Spiritually Intimate Experience. It’s Cathartic for both me and my Muse. We Connect Our Minds, Bodies, and Souls on Higher Level. I paint their Spirit and Soul from that Connection. It Breathes Life into Us Both. ”
                                                                                                                                             — Laolu

Simply beautiful and divine!


UPDATE: Now Va...

Photo courtesy of health starts in the kitchen 


Now, you'll probably asking what is Cold Brew Coffee? It's the new Coffee word for the summer.  To see a video of how to make a Cold Brew Coffee. I like iced Coffee without the ice, uhmm. Yes, I get a lot of confusion at coffee shops for this. LOL!


Hint: During the cold-brew process, time replaces heat.


A roasted coffee bean contains many compounds that are extracted during the brewing process. Some of those compounds, including certain oils and fatty acids, are soluble only at a high temperature. During the cold brew process, coffee beans are never exposed to high temperature. Deceptively simple, cold water brewing extracts the delicious flavor compounds (and some of the caffeine) from coffee beans, but leaves behind myriad bitter oils and biting fatty acids, including undesirable elements such as ketons, esters and amids.


These are the same bitter acids and fatty oils that surface to the top of your hot cup of coffee, and...

June 15, 2016

 Photo courtesy of comohotels


infusionofstyles LOVES massages. Like I said before I gone on tropical/jungle spa in Belize and the upmost luxurious one was Como Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri in Ubud, Bali. Yes, I had my massage down by the river and let me tell you that was simply wonderful and very beautiful indeed. Now the trip back up is another story to tell or not. PARADISE, HEAVEN! Remember that move Eat, Drink and Pray well I meet that guru from Bali who was in the movie!


I like the Thai massages even though it's NOT recommend for people with HBP or over 170 lbs. I like the element's of it anyway and my massage therapists alter's her version of it combining it with the hot stone massage also.



Also known as Thai Yoga Massage, Thai massage respects the body's limits, while encouraging clients to reach their edge of flexibility-but never beyond.  Thai massage uses acupressure, massage, and passive-assisted stretching, where therapists help client...

June 14, 2016

Photo courtesy of bhg.com


Now, Dulce Le Leche you say in a peach pie. Extra sweetness is divine. Dulce le Leche is Argentina version of caramel in the USA. It's an Argentina thing beside the every so sexual tango dance! Dulce Le Leche is an Latin-American concoction of caramel and sweet cream, as a spread or flavoring for something like ice cream.


Juicy peaches are grilled and combined with rich dulce de leche for a smoky pie that's sweet as can be.




3 1/2 pounds peaches, halved and pitted


1 tablespoon canola oil


1/2 cup granulated sugar


3 tablespoons cornstarch


1 tablespoon lemon juice


1 14.1 ounce package rolled refrigerated unbaked piecrust (2 crust)


1/4 cup dulce de leche


1/2 teaspoon kosher salt


1 egg, lightly beaten


Coarse sugar



  1. Brush peach halves with oil. Arrange a charcoal or gas grill for indirect grilling. Place halves, cut sides down, on the rack over the heat. Grill directly over medium heat, covered, for 3 minutes. Remove....

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