August 27, 2016

infusionofstyles loves jewelry and why not buy from wonderful, creative artisan shops in Africa, India and beyond. That allow the local women to make a living for themselves and their families like: BeadWORKSKenyaSidai Designs, Sseko Designs, Shop SokoGlobal Girlfriends, Freeset Global, Worldfinds, Enkiito Maasai Jewelry, Zambia Gold and Kantha Collection. The beauty is in the details.

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August 24, 2016

While living in NYC I pretty much shopped in SOHO, GREENWICH VILLAGE, LOWER EAST SIDE before it became MALL USA. Because at that time you had unique designers in fashion, industrial = shoes, handbags, home designs, etc. Making a mark in the design world at that time.


I LOVE SHOES and these especially by  Brother Vellies 

So one of a kind design shoes!  So check out this wonderful shoe company and the company's philosophy.  Current location in NYC is 4 Fulton St. South Street Seaport Area.

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NEXT SHOE STORY: infusionofstyles chase a shoe down!

August 20, 2016

Photo courtesy of Dot&Bo's


Well it looks like another name change for this style? Now called Bohoemian and NOT African or Tribal, uhmm.


Mud cloth prints are the hottest new boho accents.

Photo courtesy of africaimports

See africaimports for you Kuba Cloth Pillows and other things. What you purchase here sends a child to school. Now that's important!


There’s a hot new  or old trend in the world of bohemian design. For so long, we've had our sights set on Southwestern patterns inspired by the deserts of California and Nevada. Now, we're looking to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa for fresh home decorating inspiration.


This region has been creating gorgeous woven designs made from raffia for quite some time. The patterns found on these woven tapestries are bold and geometric — featuring squares, triangles, and diamond shapes. Interior designers have been using these eye-catching mud cloth prints as inspiration for ages, but the team at Dot & Bo could not be more exci...

August 18, 2016

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What you put in your mug each morning may have an impact on your lifespan. No, we’re not talking prune juice or some tasteless veggie concoction. These are common beverages that many people drink every morning (or afternoon). Drink these in moderation and you may just outlive the insurance table stats.



Research published in the Annals of Epidemiology suggests that green tea lowers the risk of heart disease and premature death. The study, conducted by Japan’s National Cancer Center, found that subjects in the study who drank five cups a day or more had the lowest risk of death from heart disease, stroke and respiratory diseases.


A separate study reported in suggested that drinking tea reduces non-cardiovascular mortality by 24 percent compared to the control group. The study included 131,401 people aged 18 to 95 years. The antioxidants in tea may provide “survival benefits,” according to the researchers. Which tea...

August 17, 2016

Photo courtesy of NewBeauty


I love tea especially Chai. I loovvee The Republic of Tea Chai and some time's Teavana's Chai. 

infusionofstyles infuses tea within the Gelato's Sugar Body Scrubs and other scrubs. In the world of beauty, there are teas for just about every concern—one to make you lose weight, one to help you detox and flush out fat, one to give you clear skin and one to ward off the effects of aging (there are more, but the list would just go on and on).


Now, there are facial teas (you do them at home), which work by steeping loose tea in hot water and then placing your face over the bowl so the steam can work its magic on your skin. Annie Tevelin, founder of SkinOwl, says facial teas are trending as women are shifting from more of a rushed beauty routine to one that is more ritualized. Facial teas help correct dull, dry, congested, fatigued and aging skin thanks to the good-for-your-skin herbs—rose hip, calendula, chamomile and r...

August 15, 2016

 Photo courtesy of thechalkboardmag

Well infusionofstyles drinks all kinds of teas and made beauty products with tea in them. Like the Gelatos, Cocohibirose Whipped Body Butter, etc. I buy from The Republic of Tea, Teavana, Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, and Compassion Tea a Fair Trade Tea Company.

As you can tell I LOVE tea! I live fruity teas and this one from England called Cinnamon tea by the

British West India Company. Is divine, this will get your kick on cinnamon into your system.

We’re kicking our water bottles out of rotation for this hydrating beauty infusion. Find out everything you need to know about this drinkable obsession we can’t get enough of this beauty infusion.

We never thought that something as timelessly well as water could go out of style. But our new obsession with herbal infusions might give good old H20 a run for its money.

We can’t stop sipping on this what’s-old-is-new recipe from TCM contributor, Lacy Phillips of Free + Native who’s taught...

August 12, 2016

All photo's courtesy of yanko design


You are saying to yourself WHAT! They  are coming to market. Keeping the inside of your tub WARM. Now that's Divine! When you are in for a long soak, the cycle of water turning from comfortably warm to tepid to cold is frustrating. On rare occasions I indulge in draining out some cold and refilling with the warm water. But my eco-conscious mind chides me for it! Anyways, Warm On pebbles look to resolve this problem innovatively. The pebbles are sensor-fitted heat-radiating artificial stones that maintain the water temperature for a set duration. So from start to finish you can have the same water temperature without any guilt. Awesome!


THis is how it works



August 10, 2016













































Photo courtesy of Ippodo Tea Co.


For those green tea lover here's 7 more to try out!

It’s time to try Shincha. Literally, the season for this bright and aromatic first flush green tea runs through the end of June, after just about a month of availability in Japan. Like cherry blossoms and ramps, the tea’s ephemeral release sparks fervor among those who anticipate its arrival. The tea has a fresh, vegetal aroma and buttery texture that makes its characteristics stand out from popular Sencha, delicate Gyokuro and other green teas. So here’s the mind-bending part for tea lovers: They’re all made from the same plant, camellia sinensis. That includes matcha, the green tea powder now spreading through American homes and cafés like antioxidant magic dust.


Lucky for us, there are few people in the world more qualified to explain what makes these teas so different and compelling than Miyako Watanabe, tea master, matriarch and vice president of Kyoto’s...

August 9, 2016

infusionofstyles explored this health benefit last summer by creating the Miyamoto Gelato Body Scrub which infused the health benefits of Green Tea Butter and Matcha Tea with Fair Trade Rice for exfoliation 

(YES, I said Rice and not sugar/salt!) together for a wonder healthy body scrub.

The story behind the naming of this product is because of Miss Japan 2015 was biracial

in being African-America and Japanese!


Well what's good for the outside is also great for the inside and here are some sweet desserts to try.


You have definitely heard of matcha powder by now, and if you're a bit confused about how to use the energizing Japanese powder in your health routine other than in tea, here are five recipes that show you how! If you need more convincing, just know that matcha powder has been used for ages in Japan, has a very high level of antioxidants, is a major metabolism booster, and is said to boost concentration and energy levels!


Matcha Colada

Not only am I sharing another...

August 7, 2016

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We all love music, taking a bath or shower. But can sound and music actually play a role in healing? 


WHY YES! By putting on your all time favorite genre of music. to the sounds of the tibetain bowls or the african drums it makes us tap a toe.


Let’s talk about the profound effects of music therapy.


WE’RE HAPPY TO see music and sound therapy popping up quite frequently lately at yoga studios and other events around L.A. As strange as the practice may seem, sound therapy is quickly gaining new devotees thanks to the undeniable effects experienced during a session or “sound bath.”

Sound therapy’s fundamentals are complex, but the experience is not. After all, haven’t we all felt the high of a great live concert, the soothing calm of a mother’s song, or felt the need to hum or sing in order to shift our own mood? Maybe we’re over-reaching on our definition of “sound therapy” here, but what we mean to say is that this un...

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