October 31, 2016

Dress up any old outfit with one of these stunning, whimsical wood bead necklaces. You’ll need some leather, wooden beads and paint in the colors of your choice. Make your way over to Craft and Creativity to find out exactly how to assemble your own pretty piece of wooden jewelry. 

 All content courtesy of craft and creativity.


October 27, 2016

Photo courtesy of pinch&yum 


Yes. I’m fully serious. Sweet Potato Noodle Salad.

I have never loved a salad as much as I do in this moment – a salad whose flavor profile (chipotle meets roasted corn meets cilantro) is at absolute the center of my food happy place and whose entire texture and form just mimics a big ol’ plate of pasta. WHAAAT. Now we’re talking, kids. THIS is my kind of salad.


Can I just tell you something right now? Cooking has made me so happy lately. I was kind of having a moment back a while ago where I didn’t love cooking and I DID love takeout and it was kind of weird when it was happening because I have a food blog. It’s my job to keep writing about how much I love food, and of course I would never share recipes with you that I didn’t love or actually make or actually eat for real in my true day to day life, but it was sort of hard to find the soul of the whole cooking gig for a second there. But it’s all good. Because honestly, I think the change of pace (last week...

October 24, 2016

infusionofstyles says try Manuka Honey(+16) or your very own home grown local bees producing honey. They say that there is more to the benefits in using local honey vs. imported honey. But manuka is very good. Also that this honey is very rare so when there's a shortage expect copy cats to hit the market. Yes, its cost a lot. But demand will drive up the prices even more. infusionofstyles uses local honey made by the bees from the Carriage House Farm. In the following product like lip scrubs. Which can be purchase at Findlay Market, etc. Slather it, sip it, wear it, smear it all over: we’re talking about Manuka honey. This pricey yet potent honey has gained popularity over the last few years thanks to its multifunctional and apparent superpower health benefits. A native to New Zealand, Manuka was originally used by the Maoris to reduce fevers and heal wounds. In the 1990s, New Zealand University confirmed these results in the lab and paved the way for Manuka honey to wind up...

October 20, 2016

modern home designs

Photocourtesy of homedeit.com

Photo by theredlist.com

First and foremost I LOVE Modern design, especially modern houses. But the Fallingwater house is always at the top of the list. Fallingwater is the name of a house built over a waterfall in southwest Pennsylvania. Frank Lloyd Wright, America’s most famous architect, designed the house for his clients, the Kaufmann family. Fallingwater was built between 1936 and 1939. It instantly became famous, and today it is a National Historic Landmark. Info courtesy of thefallingwater.org

Photocourtesy of homedeit.com

So here we take a look at shipping container made into modern homes. They look great and cheaper to build your ideal modern home out of them. I love light. I grew up in a home that had 30 windows to the design. So you can understand the need for light on my behalf. To grow plants, your renewal spirit of the sun being in on your body.

UPDATE: Cincinnati, OH has several modern homedesigns byaward winning architects. See...

October 18, 2016

Small spaces have never been bigger, at least in terms of popularity. Part of this is simply because many home buyers can't afford the increasingly expensive square footage, while others embrace small spaces to curb their energy consumption (and electricity bill).


Still, no one likes feeling cramped; they want their tiny rooms to at last feelhuge. To help on that front, we got design experts to reveal their secrets for making a space appear(as if by magic!) bigger than it actually is.


Show some leg

The more floor visible, the better, says designer Laura Clayton Baker. That can be done when chairs, tables, and other furnishings have spindly legs. Avoid having lots of furniture that extends all the way to the ground, such as a solid cabinet or a full-length slipcover on a sofa or love seat.


"Creating the illusion of more space is all about openness and movement," Clayton Baker says. "Furniture that allows light and air to flow not just over it, but also under and around it, appears to flo...

October 16, 2016

All photo's courtesy of diyready 


How to Make Yarn Wrapped DIY Bracelet

You can have lot's of fun with this one, making it with multicolored strings or a single one, any pattern, etc. I’ve been subconsciously buying into the monochrome trend recently. So when I dug up these wooden bangles from the bottom drawer, I thought they’d be perfect for a little updating. I wanted to create a not to monochrome rather than go all out. Plus I really like to look and feel of the wood and the way it contrasted with this delicious pearl cotton yarn. The finished effect is a subtle and stylish not to one of the season’s hottest trends.



  • Wooden bangle

  • DMC Pearl Cotton #5 in Black and Off White

  • Yarn Needle and Thread

  • Snips/Scissors

    STEP 1: Start by tying a slipknot around the bangle using the white and snug it up against the bangle. (You’re not cutting off a length of yarn, but wrapping straight from the ball.) Leave a tail of about 2″

    STEP 2 : Flip t...

October 14, 2016

This artist prefers her seating to be as squeaky clean as the materials she recycles. Old bathtubs done “disco” style are this quirky designer’s signature chair. Not only does she make good use of discarded household items, but she really gives them a glamorous touch. Shiny mosaic tiles, a streamlined frame, and perhaps one of the coolest seat bases we’ve seen in a long while, this bathtub-turned-chair has really got it going on. If you want to commission one for yourself, contact the artist, Helen Stephenson.


 There’s something so fun and childlike about a hanging chair, and the one pictured here from Uncommon Goods is actually sustainable. Handmade by the endangered Mlabri people in northern Thailand, who were once nearly wiped out in the mid-20th century when the teak forests near their home were cut down for decorative wood, have found a self-sustaining niche through the use of their traditional weaving skills. This funky black and white hammock can be stretched out to seven feet o...

October 10, 2016


Now infusionofstyles couldn't go without making this body scrub. Best usage is for cellulite problems and to get that all important blood moving around your beautiful body. We offer two coffee scrubs: Kahlualouie has Kona Coffee, Jamaicablue has Blue Mountain Coffee with Rum mixed in. Of course, but not enough to really effect you.



Why stop with your skin when your hair can benefit from caffeine as well? The way that caffeine increases your circulation can be applied to hair growth. When massaged directly into your scalp, caffeine can stimulate the hair follicles to speed up growth.


Let brewed coffee chill, and pour it into a spray bottle for easy use. While in the shower, spray the coffee onto roots as an after-cleansing scalp treatment, and allow it to sit for as long as possible. Rinse your hair, and use products as usual. You will likely notice less shedding and increased hair growth with regular use.



Not only does coffee...

October 3, 2016

Photo courtesy of infusionofstyles 


Have you every heard of dry brushing before. It's been while it comes up from time to time. Here's how to really dry brush your skin. If this to too harsh for you infusionofstyles recommends it 's Fair Trade product Agave Washcloth or Mitt. Much softer and biodegradable, good for 5 years and when done. Just replant it in the dirt and plant a flower or veggies. It's  that simple! My body love's this! This is not sold online but at vending events infusionofstyles attends. Personally, I have tried the sisal, jute, bamboo and others. But the Agave is the one I use the MOST ever! At least twice a week when I can. Use the steps below with the Agave Washcloth or Mitt. See the difference on your skin.


THE BODY DETOXES THROUGH THE SKIN: Did you know that one third of toxins are released through the skin? Our skin is our largest organ and our bodies will find a way to remove toxins, one way or another. Typically, if there is something not quite...

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