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The Story of Stuff's new film explains how polyester yoga pants, fleeces, and even underwear are responsible for rampant plastic pollution.

Earlier this month, the Story of Stuff released its newest video on the problem of microfibers. The three-minute film offers a short yet powerful explanation of how the miniscule bits of synthetic fibers washing off our clothes are creating an environmental catastrophe in the oceans.

The microfiber pieces are smaller than a grain of rice, measuring less than 5 millimeters in length, which mean they cannot be filtered out by washing machines or even waste water treatment plants. They get flushed out into waterways and oceans, where they act like little sponges, attracting and absorbing other toxic chemicals around them, like motor oil and pesticides. Eventually they climb their way up the food chain, until they reach human bellies at mealtime.

Stiv Wilson writes: “The sheer scale...

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The seasons are in flux, and chances are your skin is acting up. When it’s T-shirt weather one day and snowing the next, your body gets confused, and your skin starts to freak out.

Satisfying incessant cravings for processed sweets can make this seasonal transition a recipe for high blood sugar, sickness, and a pH level that’s all out of whack. Or you can treat yourself to something decadent and sure to please.

We teamed up with nutritionist and wellness coach Dorit Jaffe of Whole Healthy Glow to bring you a solution. It’s chocolate mousse that’s naturally sweetened with maple syrup, and nobody would ever guess that it’s made from avocado. The best part about this droolworthy dessert is that it’s actually good for you. Seriously, your skin will thank you for eating this.

Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation in your body and provide moisture and elasticity to your skin. They are als...

It's Me Time Again Pamper Yourself FIRST! When life throws you lemons, it’s time to squeeze some time in for more self-care. Whether you are stressed from work or just need in a physical reboot, you owe it to yourself to sit down, get still, and blow off some steam — in the most delightful way possible. Yes, an elaborate day at the spa sounds like a no-brainer cure-all fix, but that also can cost a pretty penny.

On the bright side, there are more ways than one to treat yourself all in the comfort of your own home. The best day of the week? Probably, Sunday. From feel-good beauty rituals to any overdue upkeep, ahead, we’ve listed seven solutions to help you throughly enjoy.

Embrace wash day

Raise your hand if by Thursday, your hair is filled with 90 percent dry shampoo? If this is you, don’t take that extra little bit of time you have on Sunday to snooze the entire day away. Whip out your favorite shampoo and try a deep treatment masque, such as Kérastase Aura...

Photo: Courtesy of Uniqlo 

Want to be a little different then wear MoMA's famous artistic art work!

The concept of “wearable art” is now a reality in a new collaborative collection between Uniqlo and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), called Super Geometric. The collection spotlights the 20th century’s great masters of abstract and minimalist art: Sol LeWitt, François Morellet, Gertrud “Gego” Goldschmidt, and Max Bill.

The collection reinterprets their work into (literal) wearable forms of art through playful and vibrant colored graphic tees, rompers, jumpsuits, scarves, hats, and tote bags that take after the artists’ work.

Highlights include the Sol LeWitt-inspired graphic T-shirts that exhibit his famed wall drawings, and Francois Morellet’s geometric artwork transformed into covetable baseball caps and scarves.

How did the Super Geometric collection begin? Yahoo Style spoke to Justin Kerr, Uniqlo’s director of brand partnerships, to learn more.

“We are constantly lookin...

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