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Resorts: Maruba Jungle Spa

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Now, I did go to this one and just in time because a hurricane came thru Belize. Nothing really happen to the resort that time. Whew and glad of it. Well, what really made me go to a jungle spa was that a co-worker had mention that she just came back from a spa vacation. She went to spafinder to find her a spa. So, I just started searching and came across this one. It was in Belize, in the jungle and exotic PERFECT! "The experience of mysticism sets in as you discover the wonders of Mother Nature’s rainforest from the neo-primitive spa. The surrounding jungle at this resort creates an elegant, yet contemporary, artistic atmosphere. "

- maruba-spa

Another reason to visit this spa. Now back to the beginning. Just after I'd just left a Hurricane blows bye. Which is very rare in the month of October. But still happens from time to time. A hurricane hits Belize. That was back in the 90's when I visited the Maruba Jungle Spa. Merickston Nicholson, the owner could cook. He cooked up fresh meals everyday. He was single then and now married. Nothing happened folks just friendly conversations and all. It's primitive, private but exotic and fun all at the same time. I did the Mood Mud baths, toured/climbed the famous Mayan Ruin and spent my afternoons by the pool drinking. I just CHILLED OUT! (psst. I was pretty much on my own, no other guest!) I can't actually remember what package deal I did. But the 7 Days/6 Nights may have been the one. Research your Mayan culture before you go and don't be surprise like me on certain craved objects. So if you want to be JUNGLEIZED then this is the place!

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