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Ice Cream Beauty Delight

Well not exactly, but the very best ice cream is of course made by hand the old fashion way that my grandmother, mother an aunts use to make. Always vanilla, strawberry and peppermint. Yes, I grew up on Graeter's, and Aglamesis. But Jeni's out of Columbus, Ohio. In which my nephew introduce me to Jeni's is kinda of a "different" take on ice cream. Now, I'm not totally abandoning the others ice cream brands. I just like Jeni's take on some favorites like BRAMBLEBERRY CRISP which reminds me of any Blackberry Crisp Pie's with Ice Cream on top. ALL mixed together in a pint of deliciousness and the NDALI ESTATE VANILLA BEAN below with Fair Trade Vanilla Beans from Uganda. The NDALI ESTATE reminds me of plain old vanilla ice cream. Krogers NOW sells Jeni's YEAH!, and Whole Foods or just drive to Columbus and taste it yourself. It's worth the drive! Another Columbus delightful dessert is Sugardaddy's Brownies! Can't get enough of them.

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