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Kale For Skincare

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Remember when mom use to say "did you get your greens today"? Well it's a benefit to your skin and here's why!

Kale is one of the most famous green vegetables that is eaten for its low calorie and high fibre content. It is an important and digestive ingredient of many recipes and hence has become a common name in Indian households. Traditionally, Kale has been consumed as a side dish in sautéed kale form, but it also adds extra taste when added to the soups and casseroles etc.

Apart from these food inclusions, the Kale vegetable is also widely popular for its health benefits. Kale can also be eaten as a weight loss inducing ingredient in meals and its leafy green texture makes it an ingredient in salads and in many similar recipes.

Benefits of Kale for Skin

Vitamins A and K: As you know, your skin requires a healthy dose of Vitamin A. A diet lacking in Vitamin A can lead to dry and flaky skin. Vitamin A plays a pivotal role in repairing the tissues underneath your skin and damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin K serves as a powerful ingredient in many skin care products as it helps to get rid of tiresome dark circles under your eyes.
Vitamin C: Not unlike the wondrous Vitamin A, Vitamin C too helps reduce damage caused by free radicals, which is mostly likely to occur when your skin is overexposed to the sun. In other words, Vitamin C helps prevent premature aging of the skin and helps you stay younger-looking for a longer period of time. Now kiss your dark circles and wrinkled skin goodbye!

Benefits of Kale for Hair

Omega Fatty Acids: As a little girl, you probably wondered about the secret to Rapunzel’s glorious tresses, and now you shall find out! Besides its rich vitamin content, kale is also known to be packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Your hair benefits immensely when you drink a glass of kale juice everyday because of the mishmash of the two fatty acids. If you happen to be facing hair breakage problems, you should consider incorporating kale juice into your daily diet. It is perhaps best to take it in the morning at breakfast time. You will notice a change in the elasticity of your hair. Besides strengthening your hair roots, blood circulation in your scalp is made stronger when you drink the awesome kale juice. Thus, the growth rate of your hair increases.

Vitamins in Kale

Besides being crowned as the “queen of greens”, kale could also be referred to as the queen of Vitamin A. Compared to any other leafy green vegetable, kale has over 100 per cent of the average person’s daily Vitamin A and C requirement. Kale is often compared to oranges because of its richness in vitamins. While a cup of chopped kale contains 134 percent of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake, an orange has 113 per cent of the daily Vitamin C requirement. Besides these vitamins, kale also has an abundant supply of Vitamin K. This is necessary for bodily functions such as normal blood clotting, bone health and antioxidant activity. It is all of this that makes the list health benefits of kale greens so long!

Let us quickly look at some of the most well known health benefits of Kale

High fiber content: Kale is a good source of dietary fibre which improves the digestive action and bowel movements. This can prove extremely beneficial for people having digestion issues. This is among the foremost of kale health benefits.

Iron content: Kale leaves are also a good source of Iron for our body. Iron is need in the blood for haemoglobin production and also for oxygen transportation. Healthy state of blood also contributes to the maintenance of heart rate.
Vitamin C: Content in Kale improves the immunity by hydration, providing antioxidants and metabolism promoting processes. All these boost the functioning of the body, thus boosting immunity.
Vitamin K: Is also found in Kale which strengthens the body’s bone health, prevents clotting of blood and also helps in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
Bone strength and production: Kale has a good proportion of calcium that aids in strengthening of bone and also its formation in kids and adults.
Inflammation: Kale is an anti-inflammatory food type and curbs unwanted free radical reactions. These reactions which when not stopped produce unnecessary by-products and cause inflammation.
Anti Cancer: Along with the effect of antioxidants on the body, Kale also has the effect of preventing cancerous formations in the body.
Detoxification: Kale helps in the detoxification of the body by providing it fibre and sulphur.
Lung and oral diseases: High Vitamins content in Kale helps in the prevention of lung and oral cavity diseases.
Skin and vision: Vitamin A in Kale also prevents skin diseases and helps in improving our eyesight
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