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Travel: It's A Glamping World

Before we get started what is GLAMPING: The activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries of home. A blend of glamorous + camping. How cute is that! For more information on this new word go All of these places are right up my alley in as afar as being the ultimate in modern architecture designs. So infusionofstyles like's them.


What started as an outback resort known as Wrotham Park Station in far north Queensland was bought by Indigenous Business Australia, dismantled, and loaded on 18 triple road trains (each roughly the length of three semi trucks) for the journey 1,740 miles across rain forest and desert to the Northern Territory's Mary River Wetlands, about an hour and a half from Darwin, adjacent to Kakadu National Park. Safari tents from Kenya were added to the modern “Habitats” and restaurant and bar to complete the immersive Australian wilderness retreat. Like the world’s best safari camps, Wildman Wilderness Lodge has a spacious wooden deck with an infinity pool and daybed-style lounge chairs that encircle a fire pit. This is the place to watch the sun set and look for the area’s wallabies, dingoes, water buffalo, wild pigs, native birds, and two resident saltwater crocodiles known as Big Arse and Fat Arse.

The Mary River Wetlands are known for having the highest concentration of saltwater crocodiles in the world, and the lily-studded floodplains are prime habitat for barramundi, which the restaurant often cooks for dinner. Open March through November, the lodge treads lightly on the landscape and is culturally connected to the native Limilngan, Unwynmil, and Wulna people, who have lived in the area for thousands of years.


Everyone loves camping...until they have to sleep in an uncomfortable tent and cook their own food and do all that naturey stuff. Glamping has changed all that and now Ubud has it's very own glamp site just a few minutes out of town. Sandat Glamping Tents are stylishly bohemian and luxurious with plenty of character and romance. However, this isn't just a gimmick; natural materials have been used wherever possible, waste is kept to a minimum and the restaurant serves fresh local produce. This one would make me go back to Bali.


Featuring unique accommodations in luxury tents in Jervis Bay, Paperbark Camp is the epitome of the burgeoning trend of glamping. Set in the bush south of Sydney, this gorgeous place offers hot showers, good linen, and a near-solid roof over your head. There's a good restaurant in the camp. In the morning there are shrieking cockatoos and a cacophony of kookaburras. This is camping for the smart set, the great outdoors for the luxury inclined.


If you're looking for a spectacular night in the desert, consider the Arabian Adventures custom safari; this tour includes a 4X4 dune adventure, falconry experience, elegant outdoor dinner, and a wildlife excursion into the DubaiDesert Conservation Reserve.

This is glamping in high-style; the desert camp, with space for only 16 people, is outfitted with comfortable tents done up with full-size beds and modern amenities.

Flash traveled to Dubai with Goway Travel, the global leader in tailor-made experiences to Dubai, and has been curating experience-driven expeditions to the world's most remarkable destinations since 1970. Goway can arrange custom trips to Dubai, the Arabian Desert, nearby Abu Dhabi, and beyond.


I fell in love. I fell in love with the town of Marfa. Safari tents. Stand alone bathtubs. Vintage trailers. Twinkle lights. Hammocks.

An off the beaten path campground takes you to another world. You can choose to stay in one of their hip vintage trailers, eco-friendly safari tents, or in one of two teepees. The place fills up so all that was left was the safari tent. I felt like I was in a part of Moonrise Kingdom.

It takes up 18 acres in Marfa, Texas and it has a place where they host live music, a communal kitchen, a shaded nook full of swinging hammocks, a community lounge and a small little shop filled with unique finds.

It's a place that just steals your heart and makes you wonder when you can come back.


Few luxury experiences can top glamping in Montana called The Paws Up Resort. Sleeping out under the stars in the most spectacular tent you've ever seen as water rips along the river at your back, wolves howl in the distance, and open country surrounds you is one of those once in a lifetime, things-to-do-before-you-die bucket list scenarios that is much more accessible than you might think. Yellowstone Under Canvas can set you up on your own bespoke safari at the gateway to America's most beautiful national park at a rate that's affordable and will have you planning a longer adventure before your first night is through.

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