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11 Everyday Blissful Things To Do

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It doesn't matter what your income is, type of career you have , your age, current relationship status, you can absolutely design the life of your dreams. Everything you think you want in life is only because you actually want the happiness and joy you will feel when you get it. The key to creating a life that you love is creating experiences that will bring you happiness. Happiness attracts more happiness and leads to an abundant life so in order to design your dream life and attract everything you want, you have to implement habits and rituals that will bring you to a state of bliss. That way you can be one of those people who is . . .choosing happiness. The perfect place to start creating your happiness is right in your very own home. Here are 11 ways you can intentionally create little habits that will not only bring you more bliss but also make you live a little more luxuriously too.

MEDITATE/PRAY: Everyday. It is proven that spending 10-15 minutes a day in prayer and/or meditation has a beneficial effect on your overall wellbeing and happiness. If you have a stressful and busy life, this is especially for you. Spending time focusing on breathing deep with expand your lungs, energize your cells and give you a sense of calm and balance. Make it a priority to find some time into your schedule to fit this in. I also highly recommend that you curate a small area or home altar where you practice this daily habit so you can enhance the experience.

CURATE YOUR DRINKS: Everyday bliss is all about the small luxuries. You don't have to be filthy rich to experience luxury. You can create little luxuries throughout your day that make you feel like a domestic goddess. If you enjoy coffee in the morning, make sure you have a beautiful mug that makes you smile. Display your coffee that is visually pleasing. I like to keep my sugar in a beautiful dish and I keep all of my coffee accoutrements on an antique silver tray. If you prefer tea, buy the prettiest tea pot that you can afford. Keep your assortment of tea in a pretty box. Whatever drink you choose in the morning, make the experience visually appealing so that your senses are delighted.

SET A PROPER TABLE: At least one night a week, I encourage you to have a proper dinner at home. Break out all the beautiful pieces even if its just a dinner for one. To encourage more bliss within your family, get everyone involved. One of my favorite memories growing up was when all the kids would set the table for family dinners. At the time it was annoying but we have some amazing memories because we did that together. My grandmother made sure we didn't take the easy way out. She encouraged us to spend a few extra minutes making the experience beautiful like folding the napkins perfectly. I learned at a very young age, bliss is found in the details.

SLEEP AN EXTRA HOUR: Lack of sleep is honestly one of the worst things in the world for your health. It can lead to high blood pressure, memory loss, the list goes on and on. Every once and a while, when you can afford to, allow yourself a little extra sleep. Indulging in even just one hour on a Sunday without the guilt will give you that blissful feeling. I am the queen of power napping. A 20 minute nap during the day can refresh and reenergize me better than coffee.

ADD FRESH FLOWERS: To your small moments. Even just a few fresh roses from your outdoor garden in a mason jar can turn an ordinary champagne toast into a luxurious afternoon. I love to bring home a bouquet from Trader Joe's and fill small vases up with 3-4 roses and put them around the house. You can put them on your bedside table. Place them next to where you work. Set them next to your hand soap in the bathroom. It elevates your small experiences at home to another level of luxury.

EXPERIENCE CURIOSITY: Take a break from turning on your television and pick up the paper or a magazine. Allow your curiosity to run free and read some new information that may inspire you. I recently came across a newspaper and read a story about a local man who had passed away. His service to the community really inspired me to get a little more involved in my local activities. Getting inspired like this just enhances your life, gives you something to look forward to which lights you up.

FILL YOUR HOME WITH FRAGRANCE: Decorating for the senses is essential for creating bliss at home. I have candles all over my home and light them up for almost everything. When I have guests, they often comment on how the home smells when they walk in. Candles, incense, aromatherapy diffusers are all adequate ways of infusing beautiful smells into the home. There is something decadent about candle light. Place them in the bathroom, entryway and bedroom, those are my favorite places to keep them.

ORGANIZE YOUR COLLECTIONS: There is something about organizing that is therapeutic. I love to turn on music, organize and dust off my stacks of books and magazines. It just gives me a sense of calm and productivity and will usually lead to ideas and inspiration. Whenever I am experiencing writers block or boredom, I use this as a ritual to break free from the rut.

INDULGE IN LUXE LINENS: Invest in the best textiles you can afford. You want to create a master bedroom that just calls you in. You want to get in and out of bed with the feeling of luxury. Fabulous linens don't have to break the bank. Ralph Lauren bedding is so delightful. There are some very fabulous bamboo cottons that feel like heaven. I love Egyptian Cotton too.

TURN UP THE TUNES: and just walk around the house. Music is a form of therapy and meditation. In the mornings, I like to turn on some zen meditation lounge music and hop in the shower. It gets me in the groove. I like to play hip hop when I'm cooking, it gives me a little energy. When I have friends over, I like to play a little Ray LaMontagne in the background for a soothing vibe. Music enhances every experience, so put on music that lights you up.

CURATE A BATH EXPERIENCE: I am absolutely into long bubble baths. It's my nightly ritual to get clean and wind down before bedtime. I love to make it a full experience. Light my aromatherapy diffuser, flame up some candles, make myself some tea or a glass of wine, read a book, throw in some healing bath salts. This is one of the least expensive forms of luxury. Try doing this nightly ritual once a week.

Do you have anything you do at home that makes you feel more luxurious or more blissful? I'd love to hear what you do to incorporate self care.

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