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Detox Yourself NOW!

Cosmetic products like toxic deodorants, body washes, soaps, and other ‘beauty’ treatments are causing greater numbers of breast cancer (though mainstream breast cancer ‘awareness’ organizations won’t talk about it). These products contain toxic ingredients like aluminum chlorohydrate, triclosan, parabens, glycol, TEA, FD&C, DEA, and various other toxins that no one should be absorbing through their skin. Fortunately, women can do a simple, natural armpit cleanse in order to rid the body of toxic build up that might cause breast cancer and other disease.

This is why infusionofstyles uses

natural ingredients.

Studies have shown that many women show to their doctor’s offices with cancer in the upper quadrant of their breasts, close to the lymph nodes that lay just under the armpit.Chemicals like aluminum (in deodorant) alter out hormones, primarily acting as phytoestrogens, and also congest the lymph system which is a big part of our immunity.

This phenomenon has been tested and proven. A study reportedly published in The Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry looked at breast samples of more than 17 patients, all of which had undergone mastectomies. Those women using antiperspirants had more aluminum in their breast tissue.

Our bodies can normally handle toxic chemicals like aluminum and parabens by ridding the chemicals through our sweat glands. Obviously, if the sweat glands are clogged with foreign chemicals, then this makes it much more difficult for the body to do its work.

A simple mixture utilizing just four ingredients applied to the armpits like a mask will unclog the pores, and when washed away will take with it the toxic residue that the sweat glands have become overburdened with. Follow this simple recipe, and be sure to drink plenty of clean water to flush out toxins even more as you clear one of the primary pathways of elimination:


  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 Tablespoon

  • Rosemary Essential oil – 3 Drops

  • Cilantro Essential oil – 5 drops

  • 1 tablespoon bentonite clay


Mix the ACV with clay in a bowl or glass. Add the essential oils. It should look like sour cream. You can also use Thieves oil or oregano oil. Spread a layer on your armpit and leave let rest for few minutes. If you aren’t in a hurry, you can leave it there for a longer duration so that it can really soak up the toxins.

Rinse the mixture from under your arms thoroughly and repeat the process at least once a week.

Another option to detox is to switch out your current deodorant all together.

But here’s the 4-step process to do it:

  1. After you stop using your current deodorant, use a loofah when showering to remove dead skin and toxins from under your armpit.

  2. Repeat this process for up to two weeks or until you natural deodorant works for up to 6 hours.

  3. When you smell an odor coming from your armpits, wash them and then apply aluminum free baking soda. After that, apply the natural deodorant again. Or if you are sensitive to baking soda, use the bentonite clay mixture.

  4. Apply aluminum free baking soda to armpits when wet, then apply your natural deodorant. If you are sensitive to baking soda, as some people are, you can mix bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar and water to create a yogurt type of consistency. This is what I recommend for people who have sensitive skin.

Note that the first day you start, you may be repeating these steps 5-10 times, but each day that number goes down. Leah’s own cleanse ended after the 4th day, and the average person takes 4-7 days to complete this cleanse.

Ladies, Here’s How To Detox Your Uterus

Many herbs can be used to stimulate and cleanse your uterus, improve its tone and ease menstrual or menopausal symptoms.

Ginger reduces inflammation while increasing oxygen and blood flow to your uterus, say Asa Hershoff and Andrea Rotelli in “Herbal Remedies.” Ginger is actually a good whole-body detoxifier because it supports liver function, boosts circulation and promotes healthy sweating, says Ann Louise Gittleman, author of “The Fat Flush Foods.” It is safe to take during pregnancy and is in fact a proven remedy for nausea in pregnant women according to the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

Marigold is a good cleansing herb that can be used to support uterine health according to “Essential Herbal Wisdom,” by Nancy Arrowsmith. The fact that it has cleansing qualities but does not irritate mucous membranes makes it especially useful for a hardened uterus. Drinking marigold tea, or combining marigold and chamomile in tea, can help regulate menstrual bleeding and ease cramps. It should be used for a week prior to menstruation for this purpose, Arrowsmith advises. Avoid marigold if you are pregnant.

Motherwort, which may help your uterus contract after giving birth, is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat menopausal and menstrual symptoms. The uterotonic, or uterus stimulating, component in motherwort is called leonurine, which is present in the herb’s leaves according to Y.C. Kong, lead author of a study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine.

Other studies published in Anticancer Research indicate that motherwort may have an effect against mammary cancer as well.

BONUS: Raspberry It may not be an herb, but red raspberries have long been used as a uterine tonic to regulate and tone uterine muscles according to “The Complete Herbal Guide,” by Stacey Chillemi and Michael Chillemi. It can help return uterus to its normal tone and reduce swelling and bleeding after giving birth. Its ferulic acid content may ease menstrual flow by stimulating the muscles that support the uterus while also reducing excessive menstrual bleeding. In the past, raspberry was used during pregnancy, but this is no longer recommended due to the possibility of stimulating contractions, says Chillemis. Raspberry is rich in nutrients that support the reproductive system as well as other body systems. These include flavonoids, tannins, beta-carotenes, alpha-carotenes, alkaloids, calcium, leutin, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, potassium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamins E and C, says Chillemis. Be mindful that some herbs that boost uterine health should not be taken when you are pregnant due to risk of stimulating contractions.

infusionofstyles does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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